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Living with Purpose

It would be terrible to live out our lives and then find out at the end that we missed the target.

Unless we figure out the correct purpose of our life, we may be doing just that.  Everyone wants to be successful, have a good career, a nice home, and gain more wealth.  But these are

not the purposes for our lives, they are merely accomplishments we achieve along the way.    

We spend a great deal of time at work, and we earn a paycheck.  When we spend our 

paycheck to buy material things, we are exchanging our time and hard work for these material things.  This cycle continues and after a few years we begin to realize that we are living for material things.  What will God think of it when he asks "what did we do with our life?  God will test the quality of our life's work in the fire (1 Corinthians 3:13).  All material things will burn up, along with everything else that doesn't have value in God's eyes.  We'll be rewarded for whatever remains.  Let's build our treasures up in Heaven.

We need to aim higher, understand our purpose, set a plan in motion and focus on what's important.  Start by knowing that the Lord already has a plan for each of us.  By aligning ourselves with Him, we are stepping into our purpose.  We each have our own separate race to run, based upon our individual talents.  And we should run the race as to win the prize (1 Corinthians 9:24).  

God prepares us for our life purpose by blessing us with Spiritual Gifts.  These are abilities that we do well with and feel natural.  Recognize your God-given gifts and use them to help others.  

Spiritual Gifts are listed in Romans 12:6-8, 1 Corinthians 12:8-10; 28-30

  • Mercy - Compassionate, having great empathy, sensitive, wanting to be there for others in time of need

  • Teaching - Love to continue learning, enjoy seeing others learn, speak the truth with love without fear

  • Exhortation - One who encourages, motivates, uplifts and strengthens others

  • Giving - Generous, gives without pretense, loves to share, hospitable, looks for ways to help

  • Leadership - Leading with focus on the well-being of others, ability to lead through a crisis

  • Administration - Leading with focus on tasks, details, organization and implementation

  • Knowledge - Understanding of the things of this world, able to communicate it effectively

  • Wisdom - Deep understanding, having good judgement, can see through a situation, recognizing where an act may lead, and can give sound advice

  • Serving - Helping and serving in love, without recognition for themselves

  • Gift of Faith - Complete confidence and trust in God, expectations of God to move with Power, faith to move mountains.  This is a different faith than saving faith, that all Christians have.

  • Healing - Compassionate for the sick and have great faith in God, not dismayed when healing is not granted

  • Prophecy - Ability to receive a message from God and deliver it to others.

As we begin to understand our gifts, lets use them to help others and glorify God at the same time.  We can use them right now in everyday life, while going about our normal business.

Opportunities cross our path everyday, we just have to look for it and act on it. 

God has given us all some measure of talent, time and treasure - we will be judged on how well we use them.  The more talent, treasure and time we have, the more that is expected from us.   

Be clear that our purpose is not to save the world, but to save the lost.  This world is designed to separate good from bad.  Rise up above the sin of this world, align yourself with the Lord for eternal life, then help others do the same.  This is our purpose my friends and there is no time to waste.

If you found this site useful, share it with someone and begin helping others right now.

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